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Problems with your drains?

Blocked Drains & Drain Clearance


We offer a wide range of domestic and

commercial services:


Blocked Drains

Drain Repairs

Emergency Drain Clearance

Drain Jetting

Prevenatative Maintenance Cleaning


Blocked drains are one of the most frustrating situations. If you have an unusual unexpected smell in your house, hear gurgling sounds, your toilet is  nearly overflowing when flushed or you have slow drainage from your sink, bath or shower cubicle, its worth getting it checked.  Left unchecked the outside drains could fill up and overflow with water and waste which could damage the property, and of course could become a health risk.  Not a pretty sight or situation.  We can help!


Internal Drains:

If your toilet, sink or bath are blocked or have slow drainage, the problem normally lies within your property. The causes can seem simple; hair, oil, food fat, nappies, toilet wipes and sanitary towels.


We will trace the cause and solve promptly. As a result we are happy to give advice on prevention.


External Drains:

Overflowing external blocked drain problems usually lie between the drain and the sewer. External drains can be blocked by leaves and roots and a number of other surprises.


Again, we will trace the cause, solve the problem and advise on prevention where possible.


In an Emergency or for maintenance, call Danny on

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